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"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to  commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." -Thomas Jefferson, quoting Cesare Beccaria.


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Welcome to LuckyBubba, the online zine for sportsman interested in hunting and fishing news around the country.

Bubba sez there is only one way to Shop for a Fur Coat for your Wife

Speaking of fur - there is a great outfit that is teaching kids how to trap, and will even outfit them for free.  Check out Traps4kids.com when you get a chance!

A majestic, possibly world record, ram has died in Colorado of natural causes.  The Colorado DOW plans to have the ram mounted to use in an educational display.  Read the story here and take a look at some great photos.

Also in Colorado, a Snake River cutthroat trout has just set a new state record.  Take a look at this beauty!

PETA Kills Animals is not really about hunting animals in the wild.  PETA apparently prefers to pick them up at veterinary offices and animal shelters. 

Did you know you could buy guns in online auctions?  Check out GunBroker.com or read about their five year anniversary servicing sportsmen here.

Colorado: CWD Detected in Units  591, 109 and 84

Colorado:  Mule Deer Buck from GMU 102 Tests Positive for CWD

Colorado:Special Elk Hunt Set for San Luis Valley in Summer and Fall 2006

Colorado: Private Landowners and DOW open 150,000 Acres to Pheasant Hunters Through Walk-In Program

Colorado:  Reward Offered in Lynx Killings

Delaware: Division of Fish and Wildlife Asks Hunter Help with Deer Reproductive
Study; Donations to Sportsmen Against Hunger Also Will Be Accepted

Delaware: Deer Poacher Nabbed; Additional Suspects Sought

Georgia:  Hunters Donate 240 Deer During 1st Hunters for the Hungry Collection Weekend

Georgia: WRD Announces Migratory Bird Hunting Dates and Regulations for 2005-2006 Season

Hawaii: Shark Warning For Waters Off Onomea, Hawaii

Hawaii: DLNR Changes Start Date of Public Hunt For Feral And Trespass Cattle (and you can hunt feral pigs too!)

Hawaii: Annual Closure of `Ama `Ama (Striped Mullet) Season Takes Effect December 1, 2005

Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger Program Open for Season

Indiana: New 8,000-acre fish and wildlife area in Greene Co.

Kentucky:  Avian Flu Poses No Threat to Waterfowl Hunters or Birding Enthusiasts in Kentucky

Louisiana:  Katrina Patrols Turn up Recreational Fishing Violations

Maine: Success Rate For Moose Hunters is 76%

Oregon: 2006 winter steelhead report offers angling opportunities

Oregon: Big Game Raffle Hunt tickets make a great holiday gift for hunters  

Oregon: Coombs Canyon offers great upland game bird hunting

Oregon: Commission approves changes for disabled hunter program

Oregon: Groundfish season set for 2006

Tennessee:  Duck Season Opens November 26

Tennessee - Second Segment of Duck Season Opens December 3

Vermont deer hunting results are on track (see photo)

Vermont's Late Season Deer Hunting Opportunities

Vermont Moose Hunters Had A Successful Season

Washington: Wildlife officials urge hunters to follow rules on import of bone-in deer, elk carcasses