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Maine:  Success Rate For Moose Hunters is 76%

AUGUSTA, MAINE - The preliminary numbers are in from this fall’s moose hunt, and this year, 2,226 hunters were successful in their quest for a moose. The department issued 2,895 permits, and the preliminary success rate for hunters in 2005 is 76%. Moose season ended on October 15.

“Moose hunting in Maine is the opportunity of a lifetime for many hunters,” said Roland D. Martin, Commissioner, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, “so it is always pleasing to see so many hunters having success in the field.”

Last year, 2,317 out of 2,895 hunters were successful in getting their moose, for a success rate of 80% in 2004. In 2004, Deer hunting success averaged 17%. bear hunters a 29% success rate, and turkey hunters had a 26% success rate.

Once again this year, 2,895 permits were issued to hunt moose in Maine. Of the 2,895 permits, ten percent from each wildlife management district, or 285, go to nonresidents. This year, 740 antlerless permits issued and 2,155 antlered moose permits issued.

The moose season is a split season comprised of two weeks. There were 1,120 permits drawn for a season in the far northern and eastern areas (wildlife management districts 1 - 5,6,11 & 19) September 26th through October 1 and October 10th through 15th.. An additional 1,775 permits were drawn for moose hunting (wildlife management districts 1-14,17,18,19,28 & 29) October 10th through 15th.

Permit holders are assigned to a wildlife management district in which to hunt moose. The WMDs have helped the department adjusthunting pressure within these districts. The number of moose permits and what type of permit that are assigned to each district is based upon moose population goals and objectives. Currently, the department is looking to decrease the number of moose in northeastern Aroostook County, increase the moose population in the Moosehead Lake area, and stabilize the population in other parts of the state.

This year, there were 68,841 applicants who wanted to hunt moose in Maine. 49,267 of these applicants were residents, and the other 19,574 were non-residents. Residents are allowed to purchase one,three or six chances in the lottery, and nonresidents can purchase one, three or six chances, as well as unlimited blocks of ten. Last year, the odds for residents of being selected for a permit were 1 in 126 for each chance (a resident who purchased six chances would have a 1 in 21 chance). For nonresidents, the odds were 1 in 707 for each chance.