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 Courtin' Gifts

"You've got to know her chairs." Robert Duvall, Phenomenon

"I just wish they weren't musical." LuckyBubba, 20th Anniversary, 2002.

There will always come a time when you are going to need a courtin' gift.   A courtin' gift is best given when it is not expected, and it does not have to be wrapped unless you just want to make a 'presentation' of it.  When she says it is not her birthday or anniversary, that's your cue to say "No, but I thought you would like it."  The occasional unexpected courtin' gift gives her something to tell her girlfriends about (bragging rights) and aside from the display of affection she is also less likely to object to your purchase of additional recreational gear.

So you have to ask yourself, what would she really like?  What does she WANT?  Remember the old TV show WKRP?  Someone asked Les Nesman what women wanted, he thought a moment and replied "Tupperware".  Yes, they may want Tupperware, but I guarantee if you give it as a gift, she will store your head in it. 

Bluebird Manor Bird House RedThe best courtin' gifts indicate that you have been paying attention and know what she likes.  When I remarked about her chairs being musical, I was not kidding.  The things that delight a woman the first year of marriage may not work after 20 years.  Interests and priorities change, you just have to pay attention.  For example, there is no sense in buying pierced earrings for a woman that doesn't have pierced ears or just doesn't like earrings.  When I first married, I bought a lot of flowers and jewelry.  Finally after fifteen years (I am a slow learner), I gave her the one gift that she still talks about.  A riding lawn mower.  It was green, her favorite color.  I sat on the porch and drank beer with my buddies while she mowed the lawn.  Go figure. 

For many gals, you just cannot go wrong with chocolate (that includes mine).  Having a box arrive the day before you are due back from a trip is a nice touch too.  If you send chocolate during the summer months, make sure you use a company that offers warm weather shipping packaging.  You can send Chocolate from the ChocolateSource.com at any time of the year, anywhere in the US and Canada, without trouble.  They have an impressive selection of fresh handmade truffles, Belgian chocolates, etc. with everything from individual chocolate boxes to gift baskets.

Did you know that in many U. S. States you can have fine wines delivered right to your door? Click Here to check it out.  Pretty handy if you want to arrange for delivery the day you are coming home from a two week hunting trip.  They do flowers also.

 JewelryWeb.com has an assortment of traditional jewelry as well as the newer Italian Charm bracelets.

 BuyJewlery.com - Great Jewelry, Great Prices, Free Shipping. They usually have some sort of contest or special going on. 

If she is into gardening, entertaining friends on the patio or in the yard, or if she just likes sitting on the porch watching the birds, here are a few places you might find stuff she would like.

 Click here for premium Dutch bulbs from Brecks 

 Free $20 off bulbs, perennials, and trees! from Michigan Bulb.  One nice thing about ordering plants is that they send them at the right planting time for your area.  You can pretty much forget about the order, then boom - surprise in the mail arrives.

 Buy Unique Home and Garden Items at OutdoorDecor.com! This place offers a wide selection of unique outdoor home products -- from sundials, weathervanes, fountains, mailboxes, birdfeeders, address markers, to doorknockers, and more.

Does she enjoy hunting?  GunBroker.com

Does she help dress out the fish and game you bring home? 




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